It's the summer and now most TV shows will be in reruns untill late September. They will then return along with many new TV shows networks hav eto replace last fall's failed endevours. Here at the RyCorporation we have gathered the new fall schedules for the 4 major networks and brought them to you. Keep in mind that networks may change their schedules so come back every so often to be updated. Also, Fox, being as professional as they are, still haven't quite figured out what they will do this fall. Also, most of these new shows will be cancelled before October.
SUN700730 8008309009301000 1030
ABCWonderful World of DisneyWho Wants to be a MillionareThe Practice
CBS60 MinutesTouched by an AngelMovie
FoxFuturamaKing of the Hill The SimpsonsMalcolm in the MiddleThe X-FilesLocal Shows
ABCLocal Shows20/20Monday Night Football
CBSLocal ShowsKing of QueensYes, Dear Everybody Loves RaymondBeckerFamily Law
FoxLocal ShowsBoston PublicAlly McBealLocal Shows
NBCLocal ShowsDaddio3rd Rock from the SunDeadlineThird Watch
ABCLocal ShowsWho Wants to be a MillionareDharma & GregGeenaOnce and Again[NYPD Blue in January]
CBSLocal ShowsJAG60 Minutes 2Judging Amy
FoxLocal ShowsMovieLocal Shows
NBCLocal ShowsThe Micheal Richards ShowTuckerFraiserDAGDateline
ABCLocal ShowsWho Wants to Be a MillionareDrew CareySpin CityGideon's Crossing
CBSLocal ShowsThe Bette ShowWelcome to New YorkMovie
FoxLocal ShowsMalcolm in the MiddleDon't AskThe $treetLocal Shows
NBCLocal ShowsTitansThe West WingLaw & Order
ABCLocal ShowsWhose Line Is It Anyway?Who Wants to Be a MillionarePrimetime Thursday
CBSLocal Shows48 HoursCity of AngelsDiagnosis Murder
FoxLocal ShowsMovieLocal Shows
NBCLocal ShowsFriendsThe Steven Webber ShowWill & GraceJust Shoot MeER
ABCLocal ShowsTwo Guys and a GirlPeople Who Fear PeopleNormMadigan Men20/20
CBSLocal ShowsThe FugitiveCSINash Bridges
FoxLocal ShowsFearsumNight VisionsLocal Shows
NBCLocal ShowsProvidanceDatelineLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit
ABCLocal ShowsMovie
CBSLocal ShowsThat's LifeWalker, Texas RangerThe District
FoxLocal ShowsCopsAmerica's Most WantedLocal Shows
NBCLocal ShowsMovie

The folowing is a brief explaination of each new show:
The Bette Show
Bette Middler plays herslf dealing with the wacky adventures of being famous.
Boston Public
A show by Ally McBeal and The Practice creator, David Kelly, about the lifes of high school teachers
Jerry Brockheimer show about forensic detectives in Las Vegas
David Alan Grier plays a secret service agent who must look after the bitchy first lady and her bitchy daughter
Dark Angel
Titanic a-hole James Cameron sci-fi show about a genitcally advanced human who escapes from the military and goes searching for her siblings in a post-apoctalypic world.
From the creators of Law & Order starring Oliver Platt as a NY newpaper columist/ detective
The District
Craig T Nelson stars as the new police commisioner of Washington DC trying to clean up its big pile of crime
Don't Ask
John Goodman stars as a gay divorced dad sharing a home with a strait divorced dad and their kids.
A big city attorney loses his job and his wife, so he moves back to the midwestern town he grew up in and chases a girl he had a crush on in high school.
That ass who came up with the Blair Witch Project comes up with this show about a internet smart person investigating paranomal occurances on the web. This show also airs simultanuously on www.freakylinks.com
The Fugitive
Remake of the 60's show starring Tim Daly as Richard Kimble and Bubba from Forrest Gumpas Sam Gerard.
Geena Davis as a carrer women who must adjust to being a mom after marrying a man with kids
Gideon's Crossing
Hospital drama where a doctor cures patients when tradional methods fail
Madigan Men
The executive producer of Bret Widdis's favorite show, Sex and the City creates this show about a newly divorced man dating again
The Micheal Richards Show
He was Kramer, now he's a bumbling LA detective addicted to sugar.
Night Visions
Like the Twilight Zone(if you know what that is)
People Who Fear People
A guy in NY city thinks people are spying on him. His next door neighbor really is
The Steven Webber Show
An ad executive gets a hex put on him by a date and goes through a hexed life. Really! That's the plot!
The creator of Sex and the City has a new show about young stock brokers. It will have sex. Sex in a city.
That's Life
A 30 year old heads back to college
It's by Aaron Spelling. Enough said.
A 14 year-old moves in with his aunt
Yes, Dear
Two sisters try to raise families
Welcolme to New York
An Indiana weatherman moves to NY. It is produced by David Letterman's company, who was a weatherman in Indiana who moved to NY

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