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One day in English class, I drew a few circles on a piece of paper that ended up being Bill Clinton and Al Gore. A person sitting next to me wanted to see what I drew and said it was funny.
I looked backed at the drawing and thought I should make a little comic about Bill Clinton. So many other peolple had made fun of him and I wanted to too before he left his corrupt term in
office and faded away.I decided to make the comic about what Bill would do after he left office, assuming he isn't sent to prison. I quckly thought of all the things he would do: let himself go, divorce, move to southern
California, and spend his days picking up chicks. I then included Al Gore, because he is even easier to make fun of then Bill, since he is stiff and retarded.I got to drawing the comic the first thing the next day at school (it is so damn boring there, I need to do something.) The comic soon developed a life of its own.Most of the people who kept bugging me to see what I was drawing thought it was funny. The entire reason I set up this web site was to put the cartoon on the internet. So anyway, here it is.

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