I was only in Rome for one day, but boy, it was something I shalln't soon forget.

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Here I am overlooking the city. Rome is quite a quant little village full of many an Italian. I really enjoyed the food.
Here I am cooling off by taking a dip near Sangelo. Ma-Ma Me-a! It was hot.
I sweat like a bastard, and when it's hot I must cool off.
I was strolling down the street, when what should drive by but the popemobile! It was a big thrill for all the locals, but I felt sorry for the Pope, seeing all those people crowd around him like he's a big rock star like Diana Ross, while he's just trying to drive the golf cart home.
When I found out that the Pope lived in Rome, man, I had to go check that out. I grew up in a Catholic home, but I don't go to Church anymore. I prefer to spend Sunday mornings in my underwear drinking bottles of syrup.
Anyway, here I am in the Vatican. Those funds from the Nazis sure helped. Whew, look at this place. It's so damn huge!
I had a bad case of the runs that day, so I needed to find a restroom to go number five. While looking around I bumped in to the Pope, and was thrilled like a little school girl when he posed for this picture with me.
I played a little joke on the Pope when I swiped his popeing hat and replaced it with a roast chicken. It was funny. The Pope was old, so he didn't notice and I was glad to have a sovenier.
Well, my trip to Rome was delightful. You should go sometime. I hope you enjoyed my little adventure, but remember, this trip wasn't cheap. It costed this website aboot a billion gazillion dollars. So, to support us, please visit some of our sponsors here.
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Bye for now,
Joe Johnsonzyhxwitz