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I wanted to do a Simpson site and I wanted to do it about a specific character on the show. Originally, I planned to do this on Police Chief Wiggum, but I came upon an excellent Chief Wiggum site and didn't want inflate the Wiggum website market. I decided to make a Dr. Nick Riviera site.

I then found two great Dr. Nick sites on the web. But I had already had gathered picutres and whatnot and wasn't going to give up all that wasted time out off my life in front of my computer and switch to another character.

So, I must tell you of the many superb Simpson sites I came to on my journey.

Here are the two other Dr. Nick sites I found.These here are some of the best Simpson sites on the web that
don't deal exclusivly with Dr. Nick.
Dr. Nick Riviera Simpson Picture CentralA new site full of Simpsons Pictures.
The Offical Site from Fox
I Can't Believe They Invented It!Picks Tribute to the Simpsons This site is made by a Canandian,
but it's not very Canadish. It has tons of pictures and I must
thank the site for the Dr. Nick pictures I got from it.
  Last Exit To Springfield I also got two pictures from this website
which has that bigboy-like monster Homer stold the giant
donut from in a Treehouse of Horror story.
The Simpsons ArchiveProbably the largest Simpsons site in the
universe, unless those damn martians have a bigger one and you
know they do; those lousy showoffs.
Evergreen Terrace I got one picture from this great site, which
is in green and black.
Behind The Laughter I got two sounds here.
The Simpsons Folder I didn't get one bloody picture from this
site, but it's a good one.
Simpsons Surplus A Simpson Site
RyCorp Incorporated Not all about The Simpsons, this is the
home page of my site. I have a few original cartoons about Bill
Clinton's retirement where he moves to Malibu and gets fat.
'Round Springfield Another Simpsons Site that is better than mine.
Simpsons Radio: Listen Now A weekly internet radio show where people discuss the Simpsons and Simpson websites.
If your Simpson site is better than mine (a hard thing not to be) and you feel you need it mentioned here, please email the URL to me and I'll put it up no questions asked.