The Facts of Nick

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Little is known about Dr. Nick, possibly because he is an illegal immigrant. Still you came here for Dr. Nick, and this is what is known about him:

Voiced by: Hank Azaria

Name(?): Dr. Nick Riviera

Education: Hollywood Upstairs Medical College, Mayo Clinic Correspondence School, Club Med School, Videos, Lisa Simpson

Inventions: Spiffy, candy bar that cleans and straitens teeth, H3O the wettest water you've ever tasted, The Juice Loosener

Pick Up Line: Baby, I can prescribe anything I want.

Associates: Lional Hutz Esq., Troy McClure, Dr. Julius Hibbert (on occasion)

Patients: Homer Simpson, Bart Simpson, Abe Simpson, Montgomery Burns, Jasper, Mr. McGregg, Snake, Barney

Early Years: As stated before, little is known of Dr. Nick's life untill Bart got hit by Mr. Burn's car. His nation of orgin is unknown, all though he does sound a bit like Ricky Ricardo of I Love Lucy.

Most likely then, Dr. Nick is Hispanic, and there are a lot of countries in Latin American. It is just appauling that the orgin of Dr. Nick is not discuused like the other great mysteries of The Simpsons-such as the state of Springfield and whether Smithers is gay.