Summer Roundup: Survivor

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I hope you weren't a fan of Survivor. It was a big this summer, as millions of losers tuned in by the thousands to watch Survivor. In case your fourtunite enough to not know what Survivor was about, I'll explain. 16 people are put on a desert island and every three days they vote someone off. Whoever doesn't get voted off in the end gets $1 million and a Pontiac Aztec.

    Because it was so popular, I figured I should watch it one time. But I found out some gay naked guy was walking around naked on the island. I wasn't about to watch it now.

    Every night I watched David Lettermen and every night after Survivor aired, they had the cast member that got voted off and it was never the naked gay guy. Dave would always ask why didn't the naked gay guy get voted off, as would I. That raised a very important question: How pathetic do you have to be that a bunch of people would rather have a naked gay guy hanging around than you?

    I figured I would watch as soon as I heard the naked gay guy got voted off, but he ended up winning. That is messed up.